Going Mobile

We are proud to say that AIRC is going mobile!!

We now have an interactive mobile clinic with a rotating curriculum.

We can come to you!

The Program:

The AIRC Balance Curriculum (ABC) includes 4 stations to facilitate a brain/body balance in children. The 4 stations address the cognitive balance, physical balance, brain/body balance and emotional balance. The children rotate in pairs to all four stations.

Station 1:  Body           Mini trampoline/bike

Balance board/balance beam

Station 2:  Brain          Attention Thinq Game with visual and auditory stimulation glasses

Synchronicity Thinq Game with ear clip vibration

Station 3: Brain/Body  Interactive Metronome Game to balance the brain and body

Canoe/Juvent with breathing training

Station 4: Emotion      Faith (miniature therapy horse) petting, grooming and walking