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The Alternative Intervention Research Clinic (AIRC) is dedicated to positively influencing the lives of children and adults through non-drug alternatives.

We work with people of all ages and backgrounds with various behavioral, social, academic, or psychological needs. AIRC uses alternative therapies, all research-based, to help balance your being.

There are three levels through which we influence the body/mind system: a) behavioral, b) energy and c) chemical. The chemical level is the base level of change. A change at the chemical level will result in a change at the nerve endings where electrical changes occur in the system (energy). The behavioral level includes training behaviors which will influence the energy level and the chemical level. The primary focus of AIRC is on the behavioral and energy level of influence which will ultimately change the chemical level of the system. All interventions are research based and nondrug alternatives.

AIRC is not opposed to drug interventions by any means. Our goal is to compliment drug therapy. Often the chemical base level requires drug therapy to balance the system. However, more can be done to enhance quality of life. Adding energetic and behavioral therapies can enhance the treatment of the whole individual. Examples of therapies offered at AIRC are listed below.

Behavioral Level:

Horse therapy, music therapy, art therapy, phototherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and exercise

Energy Level:

Interactive metronome, frequency stimulation through light, sound and vibration, neurofeedback (brain) and biofeedback (body)

Chemical Level:

Nutrition, exercise, herbs, vitamins, etc.